50c Lolly Bag


Literally smells like opening a bag of lollies!

Approx 300gm.

40 hours of delicious burn time.

Natural, Kosher soy wax.

In stock

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If you love red lollies, then this one is for you! It has a sweet berry scent with subtle hints of creamy vanilla. Literally smells like opening a bag of lollies!

Smells good enough to eat! And looks super cute with glitter on too!

These hand poured soy wax candles smell like pure joy! Designed to connect you to your inner child and transport you back to those feelings of child like joy and wild abandon.

Smell is very closely linked with memory, I’m sure you can think of a time where you smelled something and it brought back such vivid memories. These candles are designed to remind you of lolly bags, blowing bubbles with bubblegum, eating sour worms, or ice cream on a summers day. They are designed to remind you that joy can be found, even in the smallest of places.

Also – when I’m burning candles, I want them to smell like things I love – lollies, lemon meringue pies, fairy bread! I want to be comforted and delighted! And that is exactly what these candles do!

Any out of stock scents are only out of stock for a short time, check back in a couple of days to see if it’s back!

Little Sparks of Joy Studio
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