Smells so delicious you’ll wish you could eat them!

‘these are the most realistic smelling candles ever!’

– Lovely woman at Perth Makers Market,

FUN! is how you want your space to be, feel and smell.

If you want to prioritise joy over ‘elevating spaces’ or ‘elegance, luxury & tranquility’, then my candles are FOR YOU!

Anti-beige aesthetic, anti-boring smells, anti-coconut & lime candles. Little Sparks Of Joy Studio candles spread joy and smell so delicious they remind you of great times and great things. A direct reflection of my inner child, and I hope yours too.

These nostalgic treat inspired candles are made with quality ingredients that smell exactly like they say they will, with a strong scent throw that lasts to the very end. Plus, they smell good enough to eat!

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