Meet Lucy-Anne

‘It’s where my magic lives’

Hi! I’m Lucy-Anne! But, you can call me Lucy. I’m a joy-wrangling, dopamine dresser, pro-self-love, neurodivergent (Audhd) creative from Perth, WA.

But, a few years ago, if you’d have asked me if I was creative, I would have said no. I would have said, I can’t make things with my hands. I’m terrible at art.

Actually, I just hadn’t found my thing.

During my endless pursuit of joy, I uncovered my creativity. And with a love of candle making (let’s be real. I’m a craft addict now. This is the life I’ve chosen). I’ve discovered it’s where my magic lives.

Now, I make candles that smell like my favourite things and transport me back to being a kid. Candles that bring smiles to everyone who smells them. Candles that look as fun as they smell.

Because, to me, joy isn’t one big thing. It’s all the little things. The day to day. You can experience it every day, in countless ways.

I’m also married to my best friend, Jesse. We live together in the Perth Hills with my folks (Multi-gen households for the win!) our amazing daughter Matilda; Mini Dachshund, Kransky The Sausage; rescue cat, Buffy, and axolotl, Popcorn. And, can’t forget my parents dog, Jemima!

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